About me

Photography...Digital Imaging and Manipulation

Talent and Services

Be it an ad, CD cover, brochure or entire catalog, Jim Hancock Productions can take a project from scratch, producing all necessary photography, manipulate the imagery, follow through with the layout and provide a final project ready for print, web or broadcast.
The bottom line is other companies take on a job, hire a photographer, or you have to find your own photographer, carry the film to a graphics company, then find themselves a webdesigner and so on.

Flim and Video Production

While Jim himself will always man the lenses, Jim Hancock Productions has evolved into a tightly formed team, overseen by a seasoned professional and artist with 16 years experience and expertise under his belt.Quite simply Jim Hancock Productions is one stop shopping for all your still and motion picture needs providing the client with a superior product by maintaining a consistent flow from conception to completion….