Innovative in the moment

Painting and Mechanical

Since Jim has been able to pick up a Crayon, he has fancied himself an artist. He spent his teens and twenties with a pencil and paintbrush...but discovering the medium that would prove to be his calling would take a few years... ...Jim worked as a mechanical designer for 9 years, while painting, sculpting on the side searching for the artistic medium that he could scrape out a living with...
At 27, Jim found photography by way of a girlfriend who not only bought him his first camera, but also provided him with his first model. Jim became obsessed, this combination of art and gadgetry suited Jim perfectly. Within a year, he quit his job and has been behind the camera nonstop ever since. At 45 Jim has been at his craft for 18 years...

Combination of Artistic Talent and Passion

Jim's unique combination of artistic talent and passion for technology has made him a great image producer, particularly known for his exceptional lighting, creativity and computer wizardry. Jim's prowess behind the camera, and love of the female form, earned him a reputation shooting fashion, beauty, lingerie, and fine art nudes.This reputation caught the attention of an agent who sent his portfolio to Playboy headquarters in Chicago.

This set the stage that paved the way for Jim’s reputation as one of America’s premier pinup photographers. The knowledge Jim gained with Playboy, coupled with his art and fashion experience has made quite a versatile imagist out of Jim.refusing to be “pigeonholed” Jim prides himself in versatility and remaining on the cutting edge of technology.Currently the bulk of Jim’s workload is mainstream advertising campaigns, catalog, fashion editorials, product, cosmetics, and music business promotional media.

About My Family

Jim’s images and ads, editorials have been published in, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, Playboy, InStyle, Men’s Health, Elle, Time, Newsweek, Us, Penthouse, Lucky, Seventeen, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Us News, Maxim, Men’s Fitness, Martha Stewart’s Kids, Women’s Health and Fitness and Billboard to name a few….not to mention pinup pubs worldwide.Today, Jim is an old married man, Jim’s wife Nancy Hancock, his makeup artist and partner along with 21 year old son Colin Hancock, make up the base to the team.